International personal tax advice and compliance

We assist clients from across the UK and abroad, drawing upon a wealth of expertise to provide advice on all personal taxes, helping you pay the right tax in the right place at the right time and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Lindsey Sherman – The family’s personal finance director

Lindsey began her career in personal tax over 40 years ago at BDO Binder Hamlyn in London, after qualifying as a Barrister, where she specialised in UK and international personal tax compliance and advisory services. She then worked for Baker Tilly, before moving to Yorkshire in 1998, where she joined Ernst & Young.  

 Whilst at Ernst & Young Lindsey headed the expatriate tax services in the North east and worked closely with the Private Client partner on clients’ personal tax issues, both UK and international.

 Lindsey then joined Deloitte, and as a senior member of the team, helped lead the UK and international personal tax compliance and advisory services in the North east.

 During her time with all the firms, Lindsey was also responsible for managing and co-ordinating a team of staff providing both compliance and advisory services to clients, and was very much involved in the tax planning marketplace.

 At the beginning of 2009 Lindsey set up her own company providing UK and international personal tax compliance and advisory services to high net worth clients and entrepreneurs. Lindsey works closely with accountants, solicitors and other advisors.

 Lindsey builds long term relationships with her clients, and takes a holistic approach to clients’ tax affairs. Her clients come from all parts of the world and from all walks of life ranging from high net worth individuals to families trying to protect their children’s inheritance.  They include business people with an entrepreneurial drive to retired people seeking to improve their lifestyles.

Clients are confronted with numerous challenges and thus require excellence in their advisors. The prerequisite to providing a first class service is in establishing a genuine sense of partnership with clients.  To achieve this Lindsey treats each client individually focusing on their requirements and concerns and formulating a tailored strategy.